Post #32 The social side of #Sloan @LBS

It has been 2 months since we got started on Sloan. We are half way through the first term and most of us enjoyed the mid term break of one week. It is getting intense in March with a number of group assignments, individual assignment due.

Amidst this hectic schedule, there are a bunch of social activities happening on a regular basis that provide the much needed relief. Some of the events organised by our classmates include Chinese new year party, Belgian beer tasting and Maslenitsa (Russian traditional pancake week). The upcoming events include Holi (Indian festival) and England Vs Denmark football match.

LBS also has plenty of events organised through various clubs. The biggest annual cultural event ‘Tattoo’ was celebrated last month. Diversity at LBS offered the opportunity to experience the food and dance from all parts of the world.  Then we have the weekly sundowners on thursday night, where you can relax with a drink at the end of an hectic week while getting to meet with students from other streams.

The rich academic experience at LBS is complete with the social events that offer an opportunity to bond with and make friends for life.

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