Post # 29: Scholarship Application Experience for Sloan #LBS_Sloan

As a winner of Sloan 2014 award, I would like to share my experience on the scholarships application process.

London Business School does offer scholarships for Sloan Fellows.  There are several scholarship awards the details of which can be found under the scholarships section here.

It is important to note that you need to submit a ‘Statement of Financial Support’ in order to be considered for Sloan Awards.

The decisions are made between Aug and Oct every year.  So it is essential that you have your admission offer in hand prior to above timeline and submit ‘Statement of Financial Support’ on time.

I treated ‘Statement of Financial Support’ like any other application essay and spent enough time on this.  As part of the prep work, I reached out to scholarship award winners in the current batch, thanks to linkedin. They did share their experience with the application process and also some valuable inputs.

Below is a summary of the essay approach:

  • Show all the calculations in GBP
  • Make sure you answer the essay question to the point, especially on the sources of funding, income, expenses etc
  • Show the expenses in a logical flow
  • Be honest about your financial situation
  • Add a brief note about why you deserve a scholarship
  • Follow all other tips I mentioned in my essays post.

There are other scholarships dedicated for women and those coming from not for profit organisations in addition to Sloan awards. Please check the school website for complete details on this.

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