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Post #24: Financing for LBS Sloan Masters Programme

When I started blogging one of my colleagues read the title as ‘my lbs (s)loan journey’  (read loan instead of Sloan) :-). I have been researching on the various financing options available in India for some time now and hence the … Continue reading

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Post #23: How I am Preparing for LBS Sloan classes?

It is important that you prepare well in advance for the Sloan Masters Programme so that you can participate actively in the class discussions and also make the best use of your time at LBS. As I mentioned in one of … Continue reading

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Post #22: Admitted to LBS Sloan – what next?

You generally receive a decision on your Sloan Masters application within 2 weeks after the interview.  You will have to pay a deposit of 5000 GBP to secure your admission within 2 weeks. While securing an admission in a program … Continue reading

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Post #21: Role of Career Services in LBS Sloan Programme

I received quite a few inquiries on the role of LBS Career Services in providing placements for Sloan students. Please see career services section on official website for complete details on this. There are no direct campus placement services available for … Continue reading

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Post #20: Reactions to my Blog

This is my first blogging experience and I have received diverse feedback. I never thought that this blog would be this successful with readers from 44 countries and around 2000 views within two weeks of starting the blog. Click Image … Continue reading

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Post #19: How to prepare for Sloan Interview?

Once you submit your application, admissions committee will review the application and generally gets back to you within two weeks. Once you are shortlisted for an interview, the program office will setup an interview with admissions officer or an alumnus … Continue reading

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Post #18: How tweeting can help you write good essays for b-school applications?

After writing a post on how I leveraged linkedin during the application process, I want to provide some thoughts on how twitter can help you write a good essay as part of the application process. Yes, in this era of … Continue reading

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Post #17: Global Leadership Summit at London Business School – An overview

You might not have noticed this topic in my ‘Upcoming Posts‘. However I wanted to bring readers closer to one of the major events hosted by London Business School every year. Global leadership summit (GLS) 2013 was hosted at London Business School … Continue reading

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Post #16: How to write a 1 page business resume?

It is always challenging to fit all your experience into a single page and gets more difficult as your experience increases.  So what should a business resume for a b-school application comprise of? Header Mention your name, email address and … Continue reading

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Post #15: When is it a good time to submit LBS Sloan application?

Applications for Sloan class of 2014 are open as early as Feb 2013 this year. Applications are accepted in five rounds from Feb till mid-October. Please check the ‘Important Dates’ section of the Sloan Programme official website for exact details. The question … Continue reading

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