Post #21: Role of Career Services in LBS Sloan Programme

I received quite a few inquiries on the role of LBS Career Services in providing placements for Sloan students. Please see career services section on official website for complete details on this.

There are no direct campus placement services available for Sloan fellows like the MBA class. As Sloan fellows come from diverse background and are already senior managers who are looking to transition into top management roles, it gets difficult to arrange for campus placements for such diverse roles.

Career Services assists Sloan fellows with individual coaching sessions to achieve the following:

  • Refine your CV
  • Refine your cover letter
  • Refine your interviewing skills

In addition to the above, career services circulates your CV to global recruiters and organizes several networking events and career fairs.

So how do I find a job post Sloan?

See below for the source of employment for class of 2012 (Official Source – Sloan Employment Report 2012)

  • Networking – 39%
  • Previous Employer – 32%
  • Job Advertisements – 11%
  • Alumni – 8%
  • Direct Approach – 5%
  • Headhunters – 5%

As Sloan fellows have more than 12 years of experience, they already come with a vast network through the employers, customers and partners they have worked with. As you can see about 70% of the 2012 class managed to find a job through networking/returning to previous employer. This also implies that it is your previous experience that will help you to get the job though at a leadership level.  While switching Industry sector/job function is possible, it is not easy as it is in the MBA program.

Sloan fellows do come with a lot of clarity on what their career objectives are and leverage the support of career services to do a focused job search. Thus finding a job should not be an issue once you graduate from a school like LBS.

However I do not want to paint a very rosy picture here.  Please note that there will not be as many job openings in leadership roles as they are in mid/senior level.  Leadership job openings are subject to economic conditions as well.  So one has to start the job search early and also be prepared to wait for a few months to land in the right job which helps you to practice the skills acquired during the program.

I also spoke to several alumni and understood that the impact/results of Sloan Programme are realized over a period of time (say 3 to 5 years). So as long as a student goes with a learning mindset and do not have an expectation that he will get into a CXO role immediately after the program, he will not be disappointed. Sloan fellows do get into CXO roles earlier than others, but only after practicing the skills acquired during the program for a few years with effective career planning.

One last observation: Of the three Sloan fellows Programs offered worldwide (LBS, MIT Sloan and Stanford), LBS is is the only school that publishes career reports for Sloan program. This itself talks for the school’s confidence, transparency and importance in equipping students with the right skills to find a job post completion of the course.

I will keep updating this post as I learn more from the current class and also once I join the next year class.

Please reach out to programme office directly if you have any questions on this or refer to Sloan Masters Programme official website for details.

Disclaimer: These are my personal views based on my research of the program through various sources like programme website, current students and alumni.

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