Post #20: Reactions to my Blog

This is my first blogging experience and I have received diverse feedback. I never thought that this blog would be this successful with readers from 44 countries and around 2000 views within two weeks of starting the blog.

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25may_blog stats

Feedback Summary:

  1. Very Informative
  2. Interesting
  3. Spot on
  4. No non-sense
  5. Honest
  6. Helpful
  7. Inspiring

Below are couple of interesting questions posed by my readers:

  1. Why are you going for such an expensive course at this point of your career, why not buy a house instead with that money?

My answer: It is a personal choice one has to make. Of course it is a lot of money and I agree that one can spend the rest of the life happily in India with the interest earned from a fixed deposit in a bank or buy an apartment in one of the best townships in an Indian city.

In fact, I have put my house on sale to fund my studies. I was raised in a lower middle class family and always believed in subsistence living. I have seen that money follows if you are sincere and hardworking in whatever you do.I have had good career progression all through my career, got opportunity to work in several countries and earned some money in the process.

I see this program as an investment in myself for the following reasons:

  • Realize my dream: Studying in a world class school has been my dream every since I was in my teens.  Management is something I liked inherently from my college days.
  • Quest for Knowledge: I felt that its time to upgrade my skills/knowledge at this point of my career.

2. What are your objectives after completion of the course –  I don’t think this is covered in the blog?

I have deliberately not covered this in the blog as I did not want to influence the thought process of prospective students. It took about 2 months for my objectives to be articulated. Sometimes you may have your objectives in your mind, but you may not be able to express it clearly in black and white. It helps to have a mentor or friend who can do some questioning to firm up your objectives. Every person has to sit back, relax and think of his own objectives. I am happy to have one on one discussion if any of you need guidance on this process. You will appreciate the time you spent on this for sure when you compare your first draft with final version as both are very different (in my case).

Best Compliment I received for this blog: “You are sharing a lot of valuable information and inspiring people to study.  One of the key qualities of a leader is to inspire and motivate people. You have shown your leadership through this blog.”

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One Response to Post #20: Reactions to my Blog

  1. Samran Habib says:


    I am going through all of your blog from 1st until I reached the 20th. I would say that it was really inspiring and insightful. You are really adding a good value to London business school indeed as witnessed by your honest sharing on this blog. I personally that you would become more great, inspiring and perhaps popular leader and business articles writer after your graduation. No doubt if you start pointing the dots from the knowledge learned in the classroom, you would definitely be able to influence a great deal of people (probably more than 100K in less than a year or so, I am optimistic in that) on LinkedIn like many successful leaders have been doing.

    Thanks and Good luck!

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