Post #18: How tweeting can help you write good essays for b-school applications?

After writing a post on how I leveraged linkedin during the application process, I want to provide some thoughts on how twitter can help you write a good essay as part of the application process. Yes, in this era of social networking, we should utilize every opportunity to learn from whatever we do. Even though I myself was not an active tweeter until a few days ago, I thought this will be of some help for prospective b-school applicants based on my experience with twitter recently.

What does an essay ask for?

If you research any b-school essay question – the standard expectation of an admissions committee is: ‘We want to see you through your essays, please personalize them with enough examples’.

An essay is about expressing yourselves, your actions and their impact in less than 500 words for a given topic (objectives, team work, decision making, and leadership). One of the major issues encountered by most applicants initially while writing essays is to be able to stick to the word limit.

So, how can twitter help?

I started my research on how to tweet by following some accomplished people who tweet on a regular basis. I figured out that most people tweet about what is happening in their lives. To begin tweeting, I decided to follow the below approach:

  1. Summarize what has happened in the whole day in a tweet
  2. Summarize any interesting article that I read or event I have witnessed into a tweet
  3. Summarize the happenings of entire week into a tweet
  4. Re-tweet another interest tweet

My take is, if you can get into the habit of summarizing what happened in a day, or over a week into a tweet which is within 140 characters,  you should be able to do the following comfortably:

  • summarize your experience of over 12 years into a 1 page business resume (see my post on how to write a 1 page business resume)
  • Answer the essays questions on topics like objectives , team work, decision making etc in less than 500 words

I advise the prospective students to give it a shot and see the impact. Please note that you may want to practice this for at-least couple of months or so to see some result.

Consider twitter as a scribbling pad. Do not worry too much about who thinks what about your post when you begin the game as long as you follow the basic ethics of using social media. Please share your feedback/outcome on how it went once you try this. Good luck!

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