Post #15: When is it a good time to submit LBS Sloan application?

Applications for Sloan class of 2014 are open as early as Feb 2013 this year. Applications are accepted in five rounds from Feb till mid-October. Please check the ‘Important Dates’ section of the Sloan Programme official website for exact details.

The question now is – In which round should I submit the application?

Please refer to the ‘Application Process’ section in the FAQs page of program website for details on this.

My take is to apply as early as possible for the following reasons:

  • Diversity: LBS takes pride in recruiting students from diverse backgrounds both for Sloan as well as MBA programs. As the Sloan class size is typically around 50, admissions team tries to ensure that no two Sloan students have a similar profile. So the earlier you apply the better your chances are to get into the class.
  • Class Preparation: You can prepare well for the classes in advance to make the best use of your time at LBS. Please wait for my post on ‘How I am preparing for classes next year’
  • Financial Planning: You will have enough time to plan your finances
  • Applying Visa: You will get enough time to apply for visa.
  • Winding up in current job: You will have enough time to provide notice to your employer and have a smooth transition
  • Relocation: You will also get time to plan for your relocation, arrange accommodation, interact with current students etc.

While it is always good to apply early, please DO NOT apply if your application is not complete to your satisfaction. It’s OK to wait and submit a better quality application rather than an incomplete/inferior one.

As the school operates on a rolling admission process, even if you apply late you are likely to get admission on a wait list if the class is full. Also note that there will be a few candidates who may wish to defer their admission, thereby confirming your seat in the current class.

In my opinion, applicants must sincerely view the application process as an opportunity for self-reflection and define what they want to do for rest of this life.  Believe me, the whole application process is itself a great learning experience if you do it sincerely.

Good luck to all prospective applicants.

Please note that the ‘Post #3 LBS Sloan Resources’  is updated with the link to recent article on Prof. Charles Handy (the one who started the Sloan Program at LBS 40 years ago). 

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