Post #14: Role of GMAT in Sloan Application

When you read the FAQs of any B-school, almost every school states that GMAT is only one of the criteria considered in evaluating an application.

GMAT has definitely more weightage in a two year MBA application as it is for applicants with an average of 5 years experience which is evident from the average GMAT score.

Coming to a 1 year program like Sloan Masters which is targeted at senior managers with more than 12 years of experience, the candidate is judged on a range of criteria  like:

  1. Clarity of Objectives and your ability to demonstrate the fitment to the program/school
  2. Ability to work in Teams
  3. Leadership experience
  4. Global Exposure
  5. Experience in decision making roles
  6. Your quality and diversity of experience
  7. What you bring/contribute to the class
  8. Your knowledge of the program/school
  9. GMAT Score

As you might be aware, all of the above are demonstrated through your essays and resume except for GMAT score. So it is important to spend quality time on your essays.

Coming to the role of GMAT in a program like Sloan, the key purpose is to ensure that you are able to handle your course work which is quite intense during the 1 year at LBS. The candidates who are already in senior roles taking time to prepare for GMAT and successfully clearing the test demonstrates the commitment to pursue higher education.

Please see what Balbir Guru , Admissions & Recruitment manager at LBS had to say about the role of GMAT and what is expected in general out of a Sloan candidate in one of her interviews at

So what should be your target score for GMAT?

As mentioned in the FAQs section of the official program website, the average GMAT score for this program is 650 and the minimum score is 600.

While it is always better to score the highest score possible,   it is essential that you score something close to the average score of 650.

Remember that you can always compensate for a slightly lower GMAT score than the average by doing other parts of your application better and also if you have an exceptional profile.

I have updated my ‘tips for essays’ post with a new tip #10 and also a new note in the reviews sections about leveraging online tools for remote reviews.

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