Post #13: My Blog Stats: 5 days, 12 posts – 1000+ views across 27 countries – Unbelievable isn’t it! Here is how it happened?

My blogging experience till date has been very pleasant and seamless – Thanks to for providing a wonderful blogging tool with the best user experience (I did try another tool- did not find it user friendly) at free of cost. On top of that also provides excellent statistics on the following:

  • No of visitors per day
  • No of views per day
  • Views by country
  • Referral sites (eg: google, linkedin, facebook, twitter etc)
  • Views by category, tags

It is always encouraging for a blogger to know who are reading the blog and also receive feedback. Thanks again to wordpress for their excellent big data reporting tools.

I am attaching couple of screenshots for your reference.

Blog Stats 17 May

Blog Stats with countries - 18 May

Initial Objective/Target Audience When I started this blog:

When I started the blog, my primary objective was to help prospective students with all information I have gathered during my application submission process and also share details on how I how approached the application submission in general.

So my target audience was clearly defined as – Prospective students who already know about Sloan Masters at LBS and are looking for more details.

So where do these prospective students begin their search.

  1. They will search on google and bing.

Here is what I did:

  • provides you the option of publishing your web page to all search engines. While I configured that, my blog was not visible even after two days in any of the search engines.
  • So I had to manually login to google webmaster and bing  webmaster, do some configurations to make my blog visible on the search engines. The idea is to make the blog reach to prospective student applying for class of 2014 as soon as possible and hence I explored this manual option

2.  They will search on B-school related forums.  So I posted on my blog on the following    major forums.

3. They will contact the program office: So I informed program office about my blog.

4. They will get in touch with current students:So Informed the current students whom I knew. I also informed my fellow class mates who were already admitted to class of 2014.

5.  They will approach alumni: Informed alumni whom I knew.

6.  They  follow discussions on London business school official linkedin group: So I Initiated a thread informing about my blog on the official linkedin site.

Expansion of my Blog’s reach:

In addition to the above, I ensured that my posts are fed in my own social networks at linkedin, facebook and twitter.

As my friends/colleagues started reading my blog, many of them told me that they knew London Business School as a top school but are hearing about this particular program ‘Sloan’ for the first time. They started asking me for more details.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to spread awareness about the program in general as well.  I reached out to friends who work in various organizations and asked them to post about my blog in their internal social networking portals/Classifieds Portals/Bulletin Boards.

As of today my blog is posted in the following major organizations in India:

  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • TCS
  • Cognizant
  • HCL
  • Qualcomm
  • Oracle
  • IBM

In addition to the above, I have posted about the blog in the google groups of couple of residential townships where I lived and which contain more than 2500 families.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who helped me in spreading the word.

One of the interview questions (wait for my future post for more details on how to prepare for interview) I was prepared for was:

What will you contribute to Sloan community and London Business School?

Though I was not asked this question explicitly in the interview, my answer was:

  1. To write a blog and spread awareness of a powerful program like Sloan across the world
  2. To share my knowledge of the rapidly changing communications Industry and working in large multi-cultural teams across the globe with the class
  3. To attend information sessions and share the impact of the program with prospective students post completion of the program
  4. To help the school with interviews after finishing the course

As I look back, I am glad that I am already fulfilling my promise #1 . I look forward to fulfilling the other three during and after the course.

I would like to note that I deliberately did not use a URL like ‘’ (might have fetched more hits in the search tool) as I wanted my blog to be personalized and always intended the readers to refer to the Sloan Programme official website as the primary source of information.

I also thank all the readers who have been following my blog, providing feedback and encouragement. I will be addressing your feedback in the upcoming posts.  Make sure you follow me on twitter @narendhars to receive my posts on regular basis.

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