Post #7: Tips for Essays

Some tips I followed while writing essays:

  1. Keep on thinking for instances to quote whenever you get time.
  2. Always use a pen and paper to write down thoughts irrespective of word length to begin with. When you start writing down, pour out everything even if the essay goes to few pages, you can trim it down later.
  3. Take breaks in between and start fresh, otherwise everything you have written looks perfect
  4. Keep reading and refining the essays, spend quality time for self-reflection as this will provide more clarity of thought when you write down the essays
  5. Send the essays for review externally only after you spend considerable time. Ask your reviewers to be as critical as possible.
  6. Ensure that your answer is to the point and addresses all questions asked in the essay
  7. Always ensure you summarize your learnings for each essay
  8. Make sure you use simple English without any jargons
  9. Ensure that the language is set to UK English dictionary in Microsoft word when you proof read
  10. I always believe in seeing positive side of things in everything. I suggest that you extend the same philosophy when you write your essays. Use positive tones even to describe a negative action and tell what you learned from it.
  11. If you to quote some leaders, quote about ‘global leaders’ rather than regional leaders as it is easy for adcom to relate.
  12. Last but not the least, be honest and accurate in whatever you write in the essays

Essay Reviews: It is important to get the essays reviewed by people from diverse background to ensure that the language is simple enough for anyone to understand and to the point. Below is the profile of reviewers I chose for my essay reviews:

  1. My wife – she is an architect, urban planner and comes from non IT background.
  2. A professor – who is a family friend and who helps students in career counseling as a hobby
  3. An Alumnus –  One of my seniors who went to Sloan program
  4. A young graduate – To get a fresh perspective and ensure the language is simple for anyone to understand

You can use google hangout/Skype in case you want to do a live review of your essay by screensharing if your reviewer is remote. Its free and convenient too.

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