Post #4: Comparison of Sloan Fellows Programs at LBS, MIT Sloan and Stanford

The below table speaks for itself on the comparison of this program at three world-class schools.


Table Source: article.

I will try to summarize the key advantages/disadvantages of LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy Program Vs the other two in my opinion.


  1. Maturity: Most matured class with an average experience of 16 years
  2. Value for Money: The fees is the lowest of all the three Sloan programs
  3. More Self-sponsored fellows: LBS has more self-sponsored fellows which means more committed classmates who are seriously investing their time and money to upgrade their skills, become self-aware and transition into top management roles
  4. Strategy Focus: This program has a lot of focus on strategy which is good for candidates like me who are looking to transition into leadership roles in strategy
  5. London: LBS location in central London provides several benefits. The city itself  has diverse range of peoples and cultures, and more than 300 languages are spoken within its boundaries. Most of the world-class organisations operate out of London. Many successful CEOs, Entrepreneurs visit the school year around and share their experiences with students.


  1. No Financing Options: LBS does not provide loan to Sloan fellows. I heard that there were loans from HSBC in the past, however after the 2008 financial crisis loans are put on hold. Sloan fellows must talk to the banks in their country. I will write a separate post on financing later.
  2. No on-campus accommodation:  While London definitely has the location advantage, you need to shell out much more on accommodation and living expenses as there is no on-campus accommodation and the school is located right in the city center.
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