Post #1: Why I chose Sloan Masters @ London Business School

I am an IT professional with more than 12 years of global experience in Telecom Industry.

In 2008, I first heard about Sloan Masters Programme, when one of my managers joined this programme at London Business School. I sent my CV for an initial review to admissions team. They advised me to hone my skills in strategic decision making and apply in 3 to 4 years.

After playing larger roles at a strategic level, In 2012, I decided to give a serious try for admission into Sloan Programme to upgrade my skills and realize my career goals.

I decided to go for Sloan Programme at London Business School for the following reasons:

  • Diversity– The class profile is very diverse both in terms of nationality (20+ countries) as well as the industry sectors/job functions
  • Class Maturity – Sloan students come with an average experience of 16 years and are already accomplished professionals in their industry. See the class of 2013 profile.
  • Faculty – Sloan courses are generally taught by senior professors when compared to other programmes
  • School credentials –LBS has been ranked consistently as one of the top business schools in the world
  1. #1 Rank in 2013 Bloomberg Business Week Rankings
  2. #4 Rank in 2013 Financial Times Rankings
  • Curriculum Fitment for my objectives – Last but not the least, this programme ‘Sloan Masters in Leadership & Strategy’ is ideal for me as it has several courses that would enable me to realize my career goals

After talking to a few alumni who were my ex-colleagues, I saw a good fitment for myself into the program.

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